Youtube kids App: How To Get Started(Review)

Youtube kids app is a video application, created by YouTube or Google itself, by providing kids with appropriate videos meant for them. The videos on the application ranges from different ages like one to three years, four to six years, seven to nine years and lastly ten to twelve years of age.

There’s no kid that wouldn’t enjoy watching videos on the YouTube kids app, as it packs lots of exciting videos which includes the likes of teletubies, barny and friends, cocomelon, lol stompers etc.

Before starting the YouTube kids app, you need to first sign up as a parent, if you sign up as a kid, you might have issues accessing the video app. Signing up as a parent, you will also need to indicate your age and which google will verify by asking you to sign in using your google account.

However, if your age in your google account and the age you typed in when signing up in the YouTube kids app didn’t match, google will automatically sign you out and you can’t access the videos on the app. So before indicating your age on the application, make sure that the age you wrote is the same as the age on your google account.

In the case that you don’t have a google account, you need to create one and that wouldn’t take you up to five minutes of your time.

How to use YT

Youtube kids app apk

To use the app, download it from the link which i’ve provided below, and sign up using your google account. Please register as a parent and verify your account using your gmail account and let the ages be the same.

Next is to create a profile for your kid or kids. To do that, you will have to enter your child’s date birth usually the month, and select the child’s age and type in the name as well. The YouTube kids app will provide an option(videos channel) suitable for your kid at that age, but will also provide an option for you as a parent to select the videos or video channels you want for your kid(s).

Please note that if you have more than one child, like for example you have up to five kids whose ages are not above twelve(12) years of age, you can create five profiles for each of them. To do that when you created the first profile, click on the cross sign button beside it to add more names or profiles to the previous created profile etc.

After you must have created a profile for your kid(s), like i mentioned earlier, you can choose to select the videos for your kid or allow the YouTube kids app to do that for you. The videos varies from age to age, for example, kids between one to three years have videos which contain ABC, 123, and teletubies etc. While kids from four to six have videos that educate them on the different types of animals, their names and how they look like, ABC, 123, rhymes and poems and also teletubies, barny and friends plus lots more.

Kids from nine to twelve were given a more matured videos like that of the Disney junior, and also how to identify an object or animals or shapes etc. I will always recommend that you all the YouTube kids app to select the appropriate video channels and videos for your kid of any age.

Yt kids

However, having watched tons of video and thoroughly studied the video app for kids, i will recommend the app to any parent(s) looking for the best appropriate videos that will educate his or her kids and helps them to learn.

YT kids app Review

First and foremost i will say that the app is so easy to use and understand, even as a novice you won’t have difficulty navigating through the app. After you must sign up and signed in, created your kids profile based on the age, next is to explore the videos on the video app for kids.

For example you selected that your kid is five years old, you will see many videos for him or her. But you if you selected the option to select the videos by yourself, you’ll be given the video channels which you picked during profile creation. For example kids TV was among the channels that you picked, what you will do is to click on the channel and you will see lot’s of video provided by the kids TV channel.

Yt kids

You can even subscribe to any video channel that you wish to, to do that, when you click on any video, you will see an option to subscribe to the channel. You can also block a channel or a video which you don’t find appropriate for your child’s viewing, to do that, when you open a video or a channel, click on the three dot icon beside it and you will see block video or channel. You can go ahead and block the video or the the channel itself, and you will not see it again unless you unblock it.

The YouTube kids app has up to five categories to select for your kid, these include recommended videos, shows which includes videos from Disney junior or Disney world, teletubies etc, music which includes rhymes or nursery poems, learning which helps your child to learn ABC, 123, different shapes we have, how to brush their teeth etc, and lastly explore. The Explore category contains different varieties of videos like drawing and painting, and some funny and cartoon videos as well.

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One disadvantage i have about the YouTube kids app is that you can’t download videos from the app and just like the normal YouTube app. You can only watch videos online, and there’s no provision to watch the videos offline. If you’re on mobile data, you may end up burning a huge amount of your mobile data just for your kids to watch the videos.

Download YouTube kids app for android and ios

The fact is that this app is only available android users and as well as ios users. You can watch the stream videos both on your android phone, iPhone or even on your iPad. The app is free to download and to use and there’s no ads whatsoever or in app purchase.

Youtube kids app apk for android

Download for ios(iPhone and iPad)

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