Youtube++ Apk Download For Android

Youtube++ apk is the modded or tweaked version of the youtube app, which helps you to download videos from YouTube and watch it offline.

YouTube++ app is available on apk which is for android and also on ios devices and it contains tons of exciting features compared to the official version. Right now you don’t need root or jailbrake in order to have this video app installed on your smartphone.

So it works on all android phone, IPhone and iPad even without making the use of a computer.

If you don’t want to say youtube ++ apk no problem as you can also call it Youtube plus plus or modded you tube app. I love the exciting features of this video app, let’s take a look at them.

Features of YouTube ++ apk app

Youtube ++apk

  • Download videos to your device
  • Block Ads
  • Play video/audio in the background
  • Set video playback speed (0.5x – 2.0x)
  • Auto-replay videos
  • Disable age restrictions
  • Forward/Rewind controls with custom number of seconds
  • Default playback quality
  • Audio player for downloaded videos
  • Get rid of annoying ads
  • Hide annoying video suggestions

How do you find these features, really exciting right!!! Seriously sometimes i find it really annoying whenever i want to watch a Youtube video and it will start showing ads that aren’t related to the video. Hey i know youtubers makes some bucks out of it, but those irrelevant ads can be annoying for me.

Another feature i like about the disabled age restrictions. Official youtube app or website put a restriction on some videos which contains explicit scenes or violence to users under 18 years of age.

If you come across such video, you will first need to verify your age through your Gmail account before you can watch the video. This can really be frustrating as it takes up to 10mins or more to do that.

Then one of the features of the youtube plus plus which i find very interesting is the ability to download videos right from the app. Official YouTube app or website didn’t make provision for that, but the youtube ++ apk featured it.

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You can just download any video you wish to have and save it on your SD card or internal storage, and watch it offline.

Download YouTube ++ apk for android

Downloading YouTube plus plus apk for android isn’t difficult, all you need to do is to download the app from the link below, install it and you’re good. Download below for android phone and tablet.

youtube ++ apk

YouTube ++ app on ios(iPhone & iPad)

You can as well install this video app on your iOS, be it iPhones or iPads. But it is not as easy as Android, you will have to follow the below steps to able to install the app on your ios.

First Method 

Step 1: Go to Safari browser on your iOS device and visit this website here, then tap English and follow the steps to install

Step 2: After installing configuration profile, now go back to the Home Screen and open ftOS. Now, Switch to the ftStore tab and select “App mods more feature”.

Step 3: After going to “App mods more feature” tab, Scroll a little bit and you can see Youtube++ app there. If there is green mark before YouTube++ then you are ready to install the app. Open it and tap on “Install” option.

Step 4: Once installation is complete, go to Settings and trust the developer in your device. Settings -> General -> Profile and Device Management. Under the Enterprise App section, the app profile that belongs to the app just installed. Open the profile, tap on the trust button and confirm one more time.

Second Method Using Tutuapp

TutuApp is one of the most popular app markets for both iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve installed this app, you have access to tons of cracked apps and tweaks. Not only can you install Youtube++ but also many paid games and apps can be downloaded for completely free.

Instructions on how to install Youtube++ using TutuApp

Step 1: Go to and install Tutuapp by tapping on the “Install now” button. Tap “install” to confirm the installation.

Step 2: Wait for the app to be installed. Once done, you’ll see its icon on the home screen. Before you can start using TutuApp, you need to go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management, then find the developer of Tutuapp under the “Enterprise App” section and trust them.

Step 3: Open TutuApp, search for “Youtube++” by typing into the search bar and hit enter. Once the app returns the results, tap on the green download button next to it. You will be prompted to confirm the installation. Just hit “Install.

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Step 4: It will take a few seconds to download and install the Youtube++ app. Once done, you can see the app icon appears on the Home screen.

With the methods above, you will have youtube ++ apk for android and iOS(iPhone and iPad) without root or jailbrake.

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