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So right now i’m giving you guys pubg mobile Timi Apk which featured lightspeed English snow map.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds popularly known as pubg mobile is the best mobile game that you can play on your smartphone in 2018. The game is very addictive that you may find yourself playing it till your battery runs download. Get your PUBG MOBILE APK+DATA 0.11.3 now. this game has sort of come out of nowhere and smashed all manner of industry records.

Pubg mobile Timi ApkNow it’s finally come to mobile the same giant sprawling open world in your hands. it’s on both Android and iOS. There are three versions of PUBG Mobile. First of all PUBG Timi Studio APK, PUBG Lightspeed Quantum Chinese Version and English Versions 0.9.0 | 0.11.3 |

When it comes to Battlegrounds games for mobile, pubg is simply the best with fortnite coming second and call of duty in the 3rd place. There are over 20 million active daily users (according to Tencent); it holds the number 1 spot on iTunes for strategy games (with a 4.5 star review average); and sits in the top action games on Google Play (again with near perfect user scores). PUBG Mobile attracted those looking for a more realistic combat gameplay.

Unlike fortnite that requires a power phones with great specs, pubg can be played on a mobile phone with medium specs. Though i must say that phones with great specs makes it sweeter and better especially in graphics or movement. The crux of PUBG Mobile is to survive. There is no plot. It’s gather, kill, and avoid being killed. That takes several different modes – which have slowly been changing over updates to the game – but revolve around Classic and Arcade modes. The game also offers third-person and first-person perspective, letting you choose how you play.

But the big thing about mobile gameplay is controls and information: there’s a lot on the display, from movement controls to the mini map, to voice and text communication, as well as weapon controls. You get to custom edit the display if you want, so you can reposition some elements to make things more playable.

There are no big differences of PUBG by Timi Studio or PUBG Chinese LightSpeed Version. The only difference i have found is the graphics quality is little differ and optimizations. TIMI STUDIO PUBG is not available in English Yet. Latest Versions of PUBGTIMI version and L&S English 0.9.0 and L&S Chinese is added.

Pubg mobile Timi ApkThe game PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds places you and 99 others in a plane that is fly above an island. you then choose when to jump out and try to parachute to cover or your gather resources pick up weapons and then try to become the last man standing. there’s also an arcade mode which has only 28 players and creates a spin on the original game like only sniper rifles or melee only. As a premise this is all pretty exciting.

PUBG Mobile Requirements

  • Requires Android: 4.3 and Up
  • Version: PUBG ENGLISH/PUBG L&S CHINESE/PUBG TIMI 0.9.0/0.11.3/ BETA 0.10.0

What’s New

  • Added night mode in Erangel. The map will alternate between day and night randomly.
  •  Halloween: Interact with other players on Spawn Island by picking up pumpkins and candies. Added a Candy event and a
  • Halloween theme for main menu.
  •  Added the QBU DMR. Can be found in Sanhok.
  •  Added the Rony pickup truck. Only available in Sanhok.
  •  Added a “Share for Deals” feature. Get your friends to help you bargain for items.
  •  Crews are now limited to 6 players.
  •  Crew Challenge is now open

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