PSP Emulator For Android: The Best To Use In 2019

Psp emulator for android is that which helps you to play psp roms(games) on your android phone or tablet. The emulator isn’t only available for android user’s, as ios(iPhone) can also use it to play psp games.

On the Google play store, there are lot’s of psp emulator for android user’s, but the questions is, which is the best to play play station portable games. I’ve tried up to six of them on the play, but only four seemed good to me. In as much we are used to playing psp iso games using ppsspp, it’s good to try out other psp emulator for android.

Best PSP Emulator For Android 2019

You need to check out the list, download and explore them and see if any really beats the old ppsspp app

1. Ppsspp Emulator Apk 

Best psp emulator for android

After my research, it happens to still remain the best for me, in terms of configuration or set up. It gives the best graphics and sound quality, you can choose to reduce the screen graphics if you have a low ram and experiencing lagging in gameplay.

PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP emulator for Android. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power of your device all may not run at full speed. The best feature that i so much like about the ppsspp is the fact that there’s no ads on the application compared to others.

There are two versions of the ppsspp emulator for android, one is normal while the other is gold. The two are almost the same just a slight little difference in terms of configuration. The gold pp app is mainly for donation, to help the developer in the development or update of the psp emulator on the.

Download Ppsspp apk free version

Download Ppsspp apk paid version

2. Enjoy Emulator 

Psp emulator on android

Second on my list of best psp emulator for android in 2019. Though i must say, it seemed to be a replica of the ppsspp app, but with a little difference.

Thr developer of the psp enjoy emulator claimed that the emulator app has the below features;

  • Cool graphics, pretty fine fps in many games, large compatible list of download PSP games
  •  Enjoying fine sound and good audio effects
  •  Emulate games and PSP homebrew in HD resolutions
  •  Run cool ROMs, ISO, CSO, COS, PPS
  •  Play POP, PSV, PSS, PAP on tablet for big-screen mobile gaming
  • Save and restore game state anywhere, anytime

The truth is that the enjoy psp emulator for android works flawlessly, but there’s no major upgrade to the old ppsspp version other than a slightly high graphics quality. If it irritates you seeing ads on your mobile apps, sure you’ll love this as there’s no in app ads on the emulator.

Download psp enjoy emulator for android

3. Rocket psp emulator for android 


Another on the list, and good for those that their device lag or hang when playing any psp game especially the God of War. There is a bit upgrade in terms of graphics compared to the ppsspp app.

The developer made the app by setting it up that high graphics game like God of War, tekken and even grand theft auto plays smoothly. Playing it on my s9 plus, coupled with a six gigabyte of ram, didn’t experience lagging or hitches while playing God of War.

Note that this psp app contains ads, in order not to see the ads, turn off your WiFi or mobile data while playing the game.

Download Rocket PSP emulator for android

4. Rapid Apk

Rapid Emulator apk

Another psp game that works flawlessly for low end mobile phones, those with low ram and processor. The developer, capital app development tried every bit to configure the emulator in such a way that low end android phone and tablet can enjoy gaming on psp without getting pissed off cause of hanging and freezing.

You can further configure it to suite your taste. I noticed that the developer tried to reduce the graphics quality, sound quality and frame skipping. However, it reduces the graphics quality while playing pes 2020 and i had to increase all of them and turn of frame skipping.

For low end phone users, instead of downloading and installing the ppsspp, install the rapid emulator for android and you wouldn’t regret it.

Download Rapid Emulator apk

Having tried lot’s of psp emulators on the Google play store, these are the one that i think it’s okay for you. But you can also head over to the play store, type psp emulator for android, and you’ll see lots of them. But i’m telling you that all of them are a replica of the ppsspp app.

How to use psp emulator on android

This is for the novice, who haven’t heard of the psp emulator or this is their very first time. Let me make a little bit of explanation on what the emulator is all about.

PSP emulator is an application developed for android and ios users, in order to play the psp games(play station portable) on android phones and iPhones. Without the use of the emulator, there’s no way that you can play the play station portable games on mobile, other than the device itself.

We needs to give a shot to Henrik Rydgard who is the very first developer to release the psp emulator on android and ios device. They are free to use and also the psp roms are free to download as well. But note that in 2016, play station announced the discontinuity of the psp devices and it’s roms.

However, all the roms that you’re seeing, were released before 2016 which includes the pes ppsspp games that you’re seeing. All the pes ppsspp psp games are remake of the 2014 version, as it was the last official release of the pes on psp.

To use psp emulator on android, you can download any of them above, download any psp rom of your choice but will recommend the format to be in either iso or cso. The iso format is the non compressed file while the cso is the compressed file.

After downloading both the emulator and the roms, open the emulator. On the top left corner you will see games, click on it and you will see an arrow icon. Click on the arrow icon till you see thr folders on your internal storage.

Scroll to where you download the psp rom. Please if the file is in zip or rar format, extract it and move it to the games in psp folder in your device internal storage. By clicking on the arrow button on the ppsspp, scroll down to psp, games and you will see the rom. Click on it and it will load automatically. Play and enjoy the game on your android smartphone.


Pes 20 ppsspp ps4 camera

Pes 19 ppsspp iso rom

This is where i will wrap it up on best psp emulator for android and how to use it, your questions and suggestions are welcomed. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for more sweet psp games and other apk games thanks.


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