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Psiphon pro lite handler apk vpn for all android phone and tablet which can be used to browse anonymousl, bypass restricted sites or for the sake of free mobile browsing.

Psiphon pro lite handler vpn is one of the best out there and this is the lite version of the Psiphon handler itself. This is that of the handler which contains option or menu to add tweak to it.

One truth i’m going to tell you is that there’s nothing like Psiphon pro lite handler latest version as it has been the same handler vpn app since 2017 or even way back.

Dzebb is the developer of Psiphon handler and Psiphon pro lite handler vpn and it have been long since he added new features to it. But the truth is that the vpn app for android is practically okay if you want to hid your identity when browsing the net.

On the google play store you will see psiphon pro vpn, but this is Psiphon pro lite handler and i’m telling you that the two are different. If you just want to hide your identity(IP and country) when browsing the internet, then Psiphon pro lite vpn is for.

In the case that you needed more features and not just to browse anonymously or bypass restricted sites, Psiphon pro lite handler vpn is for you.

With the pro lite handler, you will get extra features like a menu which we call it a handler which can be used for free internet browsing. Yes this is the reason why dzebb modded the Psiphon pro vpn so that you and i can use it to browse the net for free. But you can do this if you are a hacker or maybe have a working settings for free internet browsing.

When added to the Psiphon pro lite apk, if it connects, it will power all internet apps on your android smartphone.

Another feature on this handler vpn app is the fact that it contains more countries unlike the non handler version. There you will see countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia etc. The likes of USA and UK servers are fast to connect and hardly disconnect during browsing.


Psiphon Pro Lite Handler Apk

  1. Handler menu. This is the major feature of Psiphon pro lite handler vpn. The handler menu where you add tweaks plus internet proxy and Port
  2. It featured up to 7 different countries.
  3. Very fast to connect and doesn’t drain battery as there’s no ads running on the vpn app.
  4. It is lightweight and don’t take a lot of ram.
  5. It is of unlimited data bandwidth and there’s nothing like speed throttling or expiration date.

Psiphon Pro Lite handler Settings

Psiphon pro lite handler vpn isn’t difficult to set up unless you have a tweak(free browsing settings) which you will have to follow the due process.

On a normal circumstance, all you have to do is download and install the vpn app, scroll down to save, select your preferred country and click connect. You don’t have to touch any settings there but only your preferred region and it will connect within 2 seconds as long as you have data.

But in the case that you want to browse free with it, you will have to touch the real host, proxy server etc and even when it takes you to its homepage, you will have to click more option to add your proxy host and port.

If you want to use this VPN for your daily drive, please note that it doesn’t support torrenting, Netflix, kill switch, p2p, no log policy and doesn’t support wifi too. The servers are not that reliable like Http injector Ehi, and can disconnect at any moment. For the fact that kill switch isn’t available, your true identity will be exposed.

But if you can’t stand or endure http injector configuration, all that you needed is one click go VPN, then this VPN is good for you. All you need to do is to download and install, launch the app, select your preferred region and click connect. It only takes few seconds like one to three to connect.

One major draw back is that the app haven’t been updated since it was launched or released, it is still the old version though it’s working and even on the latest android os( pie).

Download psiphon pro lite handler vpn apk

I have done my and it is left for to try and download this vpn app for android and see how it, whether it is good or not. Download from the link below.

Psiphon Pro Lite Handler Apk

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