PES 2019 PPSSPP ISO File Download Link(PSP)

I’ve already made a post on pes 2019 ppsspp iso file download link, but on this post is actually the English version as many complained that the previous one is French, which they don’t understand at all. I actually got this thanks to a blog reader whom actually gave out link for the English version.

I played the pes 2019 ppsspp iso game and I must say that the modder really tried but, is contains old players compared to the French version on this blog. As an arsenal fan, I played the game using arsenal as my team and there are lots of old players on the team and this includes other teams in the epl.

But overall, the game is nice and enjoyable and it is offline, just that it requires a  little kilobyte or megabyte to download an initial data file, and afterwards you can play pes 19 ppsspp game offline.

pes 2019 ppsspp iso file

Please let me remind you guys that konami discontinued the production of pes for PSP in 2014, and so far all the one’s you’ve been seeing are not the official version but rather a MOD version. Individuals(developers) it by themselves and credit must be given to them as they have really tried in getting new versions for us to enjoy.

Pes 19 Ppsspp iso Features

Let’s look at the features of the pes psp English version and what it offers.


The first is that the game featured the epl team though some teams are being identified by their old name. For example Everton is being called Merseyside red, whilst Chelsea is Merseyside blue. Arsenal is North London, Tottenham is west mainland and Manchester city is Northluck.

Pes 2019 PSP

I’ve played the game both on mobile, PSP, PC and ps3 and it had been the way of not writing the current or correct team name, though since 2014 they changed that and began to write the current team names.

This game happened to be like that, you may get confused on the names of the teams, but o boy, this developer or modder really did a bad job. It is very awful and what I did is to rename the team to their correct names.

Generally, it includes EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, French League One and other club’s like Zenith Saint Petersburg, Anderlecht, Fenerbahce, Sporting Lisbon, Fc Porto and many more.


The graphics are quite okay, but it’s still the same with the old versions. But having played many soccer games for mobile, pes 2019 ppsspp iso is the best as it is for PSP emulator. If this is your very first time, you will enjoy the graphics a lot more. There are some players that you will recognize, while there are some which you can’t at all.


pes 2019 ppsspp iso

This version of Pes PSP iso featured popular and recent and promoted player’s likes arsenal Nelson, Barcelona Carles, popular Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, mbappe, pogba, Lewandowski, Ramos and Hazard and many more. When you see messi, you will know that it’s him, and this is applicable to Ronaldo, pique, Suarez, aubameyang, reus, Ramos etc. All you need is to download and explore the game.


Pes 2019 ppsspp iso file gameplay is still the same like the previous versions, I didn’t see any changes made on this English version. Some will say that  pes ppsspp game is difficult especially if you want to play the professional or pro level.

The trick I do apply to the is to edit my favorite team, and increase their and increase the players abilities to 99 and tick all the special abilities there. It makes them stronger and with that I can play any difficulty level on the pes 2019 ppsspp iso.

The analog controller is good and bad flows with the game, but you can set it up to your preferred buttons.

To enjoy pes 2019 psp iso english download without hitches or lags, it is better to play the game on an android phone with at least a ram of 4GB. The very first time I played the game was in 2013 on my LG G2, and it lags at a point especially during game replays and it annoys me a lot.


Playing the game on a Galaxy s9 plus with 6GB of ram is just flawless. No but of lag or hitches or vary bad sound, and if you play it with a headphone plugged to your phone, you may see yourself playing the game for twelve hours.

How to install Pes 2019 PSP IISO

First download the game which is in rare format, use winrar for android to unrar or extract the game. You can extract it at any location you want and it musnt be obb folder as this PSP emulator and not normal android game with data files.

After extracting the game, open your ppsspp emulator(bet you’ve already have one installed), on your ppsspp app locate a folder named PSP and you will see an image of the game. Click on it and enjoy the game.

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Pes 2019 ppsspp iso file download link(English language)

Actually I’ve to give credit to who deserves it though I don’t know if the person is actually the modder, thanks to risk techy for the English language version. Download the game from below link

Pes 2019 ppsspp iso file



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          1. Corrupt? Definitely not. But why are you downloading pes pes 19 while i’ve pes 20 that is way better, especially in graphics.

    1. Corrupt? Definitely not. But why are you downloading pes pes 19 while i’ve pes 20 that is way better, especially in graphics.

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