Pes 2020 psp

Pes 2020 PPSSPP ISO PSP Game For Android(English)

I’ve been searching for the best pes 2020 ppsspp iso game for android which is a psp emulator game, especially the one with good graphics and have English language as it commentary. Having searched the internet, i found one which is very good and has a ps4 camera.

However, what i’m trying to say is that this version of the pes 2020 psp iso english download file. Mostly the one’s you see in the internet are don’t have English commentary, but rather Spanish or French language. There’s no way that you will enjoy such game that you don’t understand the language especially when it comes to football game.

So i decided that it is not good to play the game alone, that i should share this sweet and high graphic efootball pes 2020 ppsspp with you guy after having tested the game. So as not to make you guys waste your internet data bundle(for those it using mobile data). The modder of the game hafis really did a great job and i must commend him for the quality graphic display he did to the pes 2020 ppsspp psp iso version.

Pes 20 ppsspp

Having played the game for over an hour, i bet you will love the game as well. It contains the latest transfer, new stadium and new club shirts. On the pes 2020 ppsspp, there are new faces included. For example the likes of Nelson from arsenal, Carles and farti from Barcelona and many more.

Unlike some previous pes psp games, this featured the current teams, with their original name. You can’t see Merseyside or man blue or red, each team bears it’s original jersey and team name. There’s nothing like North London red, but rather you will see Arsenal as the team name.

In pes 20 psp iso, there are different modes and they include; match, legend mode, Uefa championship, Copa Santander, Master League, become a legend, World player, Cup and league.

In the cup mode, there are fifa World Cup(Copa Mundial) , Uefa euro cup, African Cup of Nation, Copa America, Asian cup, international championships cup. You can select the cup which you wish to play.

In the league mode, there is Italian seria a, German Bundesliga, Spanish LA Liga Santander, English Premier League, French Ligue 1, and the FIFA Super League which is the fifa club Cup. This version of pes 2020 ppsspp iso has the latest or current teams with the latest players.

Pes 2020 PPSSPP PSP Display

Pes 20 psp ppsspp iso

The display is something that i really love about this game, it is sharp and crisp, thanks to the ps4 camera used in moding the game. This version enlarged the players making it look a bit ps4 pes or maybe that of ps3 or pc version. But that made it difficult to see players around.

You can can set the game to your preferred settings which includes the camera view and speed. But please know that the higher the game settings, the slower the game may become on low end phones with ram of 2GB.


Thanks to the joystick keypad on the screen, playing pes 20 psp isn’t a difficult one, you can navigate around and play the game just like when you’re using a game pad. This version is the with the previous version and no changes at all in terms of the gameplay.

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You can select beginner, amateur, regular, professional and top player depending on how good you are to the game. If you haven’t played the game before, please start with beginners or amateur else you might get pissed off when the computer beats you 10-0.

How to install pes 20 psp ppsspp iso on android

This is where it matters most, how to install and play the pes 2020 ppsspp iso game on your android phone or even on your iPhone. Below is a detailed guide that will help you to play the pes 2020 psp game on your mobile phone.

  • First, download all the games files from the links which i provided below this blog post
  • Download and install the ppsspp emulator or any other psp emulator from this Link here
  • Having downloaded the pes 2020 psp files, next is to extract the games files and move the pes 20 psp iso game to your internal storage >> psp folder >> game
  • Please to extract the games files properly, i recommend that you download 7zipper app from the play store, it isn’t just for zip files as the name states, but can also be used to unrar files
  • For the texture file, you will also have to extract it, and move it to your internal storage >> psp folder
  • It is not a must that you should use the texture file, but this is where the graphics are stored in, and you can even get as many as possible(pes 2020 ppsspp textures) and use it on your game
  • For save data, you will also extract it and move it to your internal storage >> psp folder. Everything should be in the psp folder for easy identification
  • Finally, launch or open the ppsspp emulator app on your android phone, navigate to where you saved the game which is internal storage >> psp folder >> game
  • You will see the game icon and it states pes 2019 but it is really pes 2020 version
  • Click on the icon and the game will start

Please note that this pes 2020 psp does not require internet connection even at the very first start, thanks to the save data file.

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However, if you have any previous pes psp game, and you move the texture and save data file to the psp folder, it will automatically overwrite any file data and texture on your psp folder.

Download Pes 2020 PSP PPSSPP ISO For Android


I’m really enjoying every bit of this game even though it is not an official version, you should have this game if you’re the type that loves gaming especially on mobile phones. The game is just free of charge, no ads, no in app purchase. Just download all the files, extract to the psp folder on your phone, open the psp emulator and locate where you save the game which should be in the psp folder, boom you’re good to go.

The download links are below and note the password to extract the save data file is HAFISG9.

Pes 20 psp save data file

The ps4 camera and texture file

Pes 2020 ppsspp psp iso game

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    1. What is there is actually pes 2020. If you open the game, you’ll see pes 2019, but it you continue, you will see it is 2020 version.
      And again i’ve been saying this, all these pes you’ve been seeing after 2014 is mod version by individuals, cause konami and Nintendo have discontinued portable PlayStation.

    1. If you play the game you will see that it is 2020 version with last year summer transfer.
      Please i want you to also know that all pes psp you’re seeing on the internet is the 2014 version, psp games have been discontinued since 2014. All the pes psp iso is actually 2014 but a remod by individuals.

    1. If you read how to install and play the game step by step, you will get it bro. Right now i’m in a place with extremely poor internet network.

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