Top 5 Free Music Apps For Android in 2019

Best free music apps for android, download your favorite music or song for free without paying a dime in 2019.

You don’t need to be told that music is life and without music the world might seems boring, well that’s not the case. So you go to Google or bing etc looking for the best free music download apps for android, you’ll need to stop here as this blog post will give you the best you can see on Android.

Top 5 Free Music Download Apps For Android in 2017

There are lots of good websites that offer or give out free music download links, but many a times you may not see that particular music or song that you would want to listen to, you’ve got to try other means.

Some of these android apps that gives free music download makes it easier for you to search your favorite song and download it or listen to it.

There are tons of apps that offer free music download apps for android, but I’m listing the best for you guys.

10 Best Free Music Downloads Apps for Android 2019

1. 4Shared App

This is my number one free music download app for android in 2019. 4Shared music is one of the best free music download apps for android to download music for free.

To download free music from 4Shared, just click on search button (located at bottom right corner) & click on Music from different categories. Now, Enter name of your favourite song or artist and it will show results according to your search query.

Select any of them and click on download button to take it offline (located at top right corner).

2. Spotify Music

Top 5 Free Music Download Apps For Android in 2017

Spotify Music just like its sister app Spotify, this one allows you to access all the music on the popular platform without any hassle. You will have a blast finding new songs and artists using this application, while also being able to create your own playlists as well.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

3. Tunee

One best app to download music for free but recently it was removed from Play Store. You can easily download high quality mp3 music for free. It is undoubtedly one of most advanced app to download music.

Also Download Iflix music app for android

To download your favorite MP3 music track use the search bar. Enter Artist name or track name in search bar and download free music from the results shown.

4. Google Play Music

Top 5 Free Music Download Apps For Android in 2017

Google Play Music is a top rated android app for downloading free music. This most popular app has over 50,000 songs in its database. This app can also help discover and subscribe to podcasts. A highly exciting feature of this app is the smart recommendation.

5. SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

This is one of the best android free music download apps. You can use this app to search for the artist, album or song and download your favorite music onto your phone. This app also allows the users to stream music online for preview before downloading. The app is also available for android versions.

These are my top 5 best free music download apps for android, if you have any to add to the list it is highly welcome.

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