Fifa 19 Apk Obb Download For Android(Offline Game)

Fifa 19 apk obb download which is one of the most sort after football game on android platform. The 2019 version featured new and enticing gameplay, which most of us will find it addictive and even glued to our screen playing it for hours. 

Over the years, EA Sports have really added lots of features and good graphics on the mobile game, and this fifa 19 apk mod is very stunning, even though it is a modded version of the original game. If you love football, you will for sure get addicted to play this game always and even when you’re busy.

So guys right here on this post, i’ve provided you guys with the very best Fifa 19 Apk Obb download and which also includes the data file. I will say that this is a full or complete package and should work on all android phone and tablet. There’s no doubt that fifa 14 was the best but i tell you that this fifa 2019 version beats it hands down. Both the graphics, game play and movement is really exciting to watch and to play. But please i want you to know that this is actually a remod of the fifa 14 version, but with a lot features and the latest transfer window.

On fifa 2019 apk mod, you will teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester united and city, Liverpool, Ac Milan  juventus, inter Milan, benfica, sporting Lisbon, bayern Munich, dortmond, PSG, CSK Moscow, Zenith St Petersburg, ayax, Celtic etc. Thr game featured all the teams in the EPL, LA Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, French league One and other teamd from the various countries in Europe.

The best part of the fifa 19 apk mod is that It includes popular faces like Ronaldo, Messi, neymar, Mbappé, Pogba, aubameyang, lacazett, dybala etc and also the latest winter transfer 2019. You really need to get this mobile football game if you really wants to enjoy soccer game without turning on your WiFi or mobile data.


Fifa 19 apk

  • FIFA 19 comes with 52 unique stadia all from 12 countries
  • FIFA 2019 APK doesn’t have any glitches as all concerns have been fixed. If your opponent is near you, you can both launch the multiplayer mode using Bluetooth.
  • This latest version of the FIFA 19 supports external joysticks which makes your gameplay faster and smoother.
  • The commentary on the game offers improvements over previous versions.
  • The game is free and doesn’t cost any amount. However, the game has in-app purchases that can make your gaming experience even better.
  • The FIFA 2019 APK has both Champions League and Europa League features.

FIFA 2019 APK Requirements

There are requirements you should know before you download and install FIFA 19 apk Mod and the obb data file. But in this 2019, i don’t think there’s a android smartphone that can’t meet with the requirement of the fifa 19 mod game. The requirements are as follows;

  • FIFA 19 apk requires Android 5.0 and above.
  • FIFA 19 apk requires at least 2.5GB free space on your phone.
  • A ram of 2GB is needed for a smooth gameplay, else you might experience game lagging.

How to install fifa 19 apk + obb data

This is where many people who are used to installing games from the google play store, gets it all wrong. This isn’t a play store direct installation, but will require you to move the game to the right part.

As many android games with data files are zipped or on rar format, you need to unzip the file by extracting the data file and move it to the obb folder inside your android folder. Read the below guide to install the fifa 19 apk obb mod game on your android phone.

  1. Just like other games with data file, you will first download and unrar the football game, this is called extracting the game files
  2. Inside the folder, you will see fifa 19 data + Apk file together
  3. Next is to move the data files and also the apk file to SD card(your internal storage) >>> android>>> obb folder. Please if you don’t have obb folder on your phone please create one. You can do that by going to internal storage, android and the click option to create a folder, name the folder obb and save it.
  4. So when you’ve moved the fifa 19 apk + obb data to it required place, install the apk app and launch the game.

After installing the fifa 19 apk file, the game should work. If it didn’t that’s means that you didn’t move the data file correctly and to the right folder which is called OBB. Like i said earlier on, you can play fifa 2019 without turning on your wifi or internet mobile data, this means that you can play the game on a flight.

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Download FIFA 19 Apk + obb data

Fifa 19 apk mod

So you i tell you that you just need to check out this game and you can come back here and give your feedback about the game and how you feel it, mind you this is fifa 19 apk mod and not the official release. The official game is online and for me not really fantastic, and i do hope that the fifa 20 version will be a lot better.

Okay nothing much to say right now than giving you the download links of the football game, so below are the links to download the game right on your android phone or tablet.

Download fifa 19 apk + obb

Go through the link above to download both the fifa 18 and 19 respectively.

Download fifa 19  apk data

Right now fifa 2019 isn’t available, for now you can download Sweet pes 2019 Apk + Data until i upload new fifa game. But you can enjoy more exciting football games by downloading the Pes 20 ppsspp psp or better still get the Fifa 20 apk mod

And that’s it on how to download and install fifa 19 apk Mod on Android, you all need to bookmark this website for more exciting games that i will be providing to you guys.

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  1. Each time I downloading the fifa 2019 data Mod, all I got is that the file you are trying to download is not longer available

    1. Eugene, please download the fifa 18, and wait for the fifa 2020 version. Will be released by middle of next month and i will post it here

          1. even i connected wifi still show the same message after click open.
            “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

  2. @henry, official fifa 20 for mobile have not been released, and this also includes pes and dream league soccer which promised a high graphic game for us. So i’m still waiting for their release.

    1. @admin, my display is bad. The titles and writings are mixed up. Like in manager mode, “any” is seen as programming. Please help

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