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Download Tweakware Apk For Airtel And Mtn

Download tweakware apk android for airtel, mtn or even 9mobile and glo free browsing on your smartphone and also for your daily free vpn use especially this year, which can be used to bypass restricted or blocked sites.

Tweakware handler apk  is one of the oldest vpn handler which before was majorly used for free browsing and extremely popular, but that was then as things changed recently. Way back in 2015 to 2017, tweakware apk was the best vpn handler anyone can use before the developer made limits on the vpn app which was a huge set back.

The limit which is the free version was limited to 500mb and further 150mb with just two countries to select from. Many users of Tweakware apk then were Nigerians who were looking for free browsing complained to the developer to make it free since he also added in app ads.

The vpn app developer didn’t adhere to that and many opted to go for Psiphon handler which is free and has unlimited bandwidth than paying N600 for tweakware vpn handler apk monthly price tag. This really had huge effect on tweakware vpn as it’s users massively dropped as time goes on

To crown it worst, http injector and anonytun vpn came and offered unlimited bandwidth for free vpn services with in app ads which many users didn’t mind at all and went for them. Well that didn’t stop tweakware apk to crumble like simpleserver though the vpn app is still in use.

Many people are still using it for their day to day activities that is to bypass restricted sites and to browse for free. Though i don’t really know if the free browsing is still working like before you can use tweakware apk for airtel, mtn, glo and 9mobile free free browsing.

I just bumped on the vpn handler app go through it and decided to share it with you guys as it is still working to date and also well protected. Tweakware vpn handler has some really nice features which are the following;

The vpn app is lightweight and doesn’t consume ram at all. It has a nice interface that one can easily understand.

The premuim account has up to 20 countries to select from while the free version is limited to two.

The premium account has unlimited bandwidth and time while the free account is limited to 150mb daily

Tweakware apk for airtel, mtn, glo, 9moblie is set up in a way that you don’t need to go extra to configure it as the developer(castsports) has already done that.

Buy the premium account and fre account are very fast, nothing like speed throttling at all.

Download Tweakware Apk for android

Tweakware Apk

You can go ahead and try tweakware apk on your android phone and tablet, it is better that you start with a free account and if you like what you see  then you can upgrade your account.

For your day to day vpn app, bypass restricted sites, browse anonymously with your preferred country or region, download the app below.

Download Tweakware Apk for android

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