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Splinter cell conviction is one of the best franchises of all time, without a single bad game in its library. Splinter Cell Conviction HD APK MOD is now supports all android devices and up to Android 9.0 Pie.

After Amazing games like 9MM , Backstab and Wild Blood now we are finally getting APK MOD for all devices support.

Splinter Cell Conviction

Now, through the first three games, Ubisoft stuck to a pretty similar formula; sneaking around, tri-lens goggles, hiding bodies, etc.

It was a formula that worked incredibly well, but even the most perfectly executed games can grow stale if they’re done too many times.

So after a much darker tone and lighter environments were introduced in Double Agent, the gameplay was completely revamped for the latest release in the series. This is Splinter Cell Conviction HD APK MOD for the Android devices.

Download Splinter Cell Conviction HD APK Android Remastered

Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell takes place a few years after the events of Double Agent. Sam is living a relatively peaceful life after dealing with the JBA, and he believes that his worries might finally be behind him.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case, and his old friend Grim pulls him back into the action with information about corruption in his old agency, Third Echelon, along with information about a certain loved one.

Gameplay in SC Conviction has been changed quite a bit by the gameloft. It’s still a stealth game, but much more emphasis has been put on taking out enemies as opposed to simply avoiding them.

Really, it’s up to you, and the game just gives the option for the more trigger happy player.

Splinter Cell Conviction

Now, this does NOT mean that you can go into a room and start shooting the place up; it just means that a few stray enemies can be taken out with a pistol without having to worry.

It feels like the most naturally controlling game. If you really like classic gameloft games then you must try Splinter Cell Conviction HD APK MOD once.

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Requires Android: 4.0 and Up to Android 9.0 Remastered Version

Version: 3.0.4





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