Best Offline Car Racing Games: Android And IPhone

Hey guys, right here i will take you guys on ride to the best offline car racing games you can get in 2019 available on iPhone and android smartphone.

After writing on the best offline card games which you can get here, today is for the speed lovers. I love car racing games like the asphalt, crs, need for speed just name them, it gives me a huge amount of fun when i play these games, the crashing, the intensity. And i know that you reading this post also loves it especially the offline car racing games on your android phone or iPhone or even on the iPad.

I’ve played countless mobile car racing racing since 2008 on my Nokia symbian phones or even when I upgraded to android and also ios in later years. So right i’m taking you on a ride to the best offline car racing games 2019 for android and iPhone.

Best Offline Car Racing Games 2019

So below are the best offline racing games that you will always love to play on your smartphone this year 2019.

1. Need For Speed

Best offline car racing games 2019I love this car racing game because of the stunning graphics and to make it better, it is an offline game. Need for speed is a game that you will play with full intensity cause you’ll be feeling the adrenalin and the effects is out of this world. I always rank it as my number one best offline racing games and the others follows.

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2. Asphalt 9

Best offline car racing games

Probably the oldest and to many the best offline racing games. Asphalt especially the 9th version featured a stunner in graphics and the speed of the cars is one thing that you will love to feel when playing the game. Before asphalt is not that really intensive but with the version 8 and now the latest version it got all that you needed in an offline car racing games.

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3. CRS Classics

Best offline car racing gamesI know when you hear CRS “classics” you may think i’m talking about an old racing game but the answer is no. The truth here is that the cars used for this game are vintage(old cars), but that doesn’t make the game to be boring as i love the sound quality, gameplay and also the graphics used. The speed is there, the effects are there and also the movement and that’s why i listed it on my best offline racing games in 2019.

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4. Real Racing 3

Best offline car racing games 2019One thing i like about this real racing game is that everything looks original, it feels like you are actually watching the formula one sport. The cars, the roads, the grasses all look as if it is real but it is actually a game and a mobile.

I must tell that this game has a maximum of car racing intensity just like the formula one sport and you can’t just stop paying it. So it deserves to be on my 5 best offline car racing games in 2019 and yes it is.

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5. GT Racing

Best offline car racing games 2019The last but not the list on the best offline racing games 2019 is the GT Racing. Not as famous as Asphalt series, GT Racing 2 is non-aggressive game as compared to other freemium games. You can select from a variety of upgrades to enhance the performance of your car. The game also allows you to play online against other players. Also, you can customize your car with available rims, paints and vinyl and experience the action from different angles.

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These are my 5 best offline car racing games in 2019 for android and iPhone and bet you will enjoy them.

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