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AnonyTun Pro Vpn Apk: Complete Settings 2019

AnonyTun pro vpn apk is one the best lightweight vpn app that can you can use on your android phone and tablet in 2019.

Looking for a free vpn for android, look no further as anonytun vpn has what it takes to hide your true identity from the internet. And not only that, the vpn app is 100% free to use without any limit to bandwidth.

Anonytun settings is so easy even a novice can easily set it up, and mind you, you can use it for free browsing purpose. Many users of anonytun pro vpn apk use it for the sole purpose of getting free internet access or maybe you can call it free internet browsing from their iso network. But you should know that you must be a hacker to get free internet settings of your network, and to use it on this vpn.

Not only for the sole purpose of getting free internet access through anonytun pro vpn apk, you can use it to bypass restricted website like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, Twitter, playstore etc. Your internet provider or country might ban you from accessing a particular website, with AnonyTun vpn, you will easily bypass it through their dedicated free vpn servers.

Features and benefits of anonytun pro vpn apk

  1. The vpn app is free to use without any in app purchase.
  2. It is lightweight and easy to understand even for a novice.
  3. Very fast to connect, browse and download with.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth and no speed throttling.
  5. Has up to 6 servers which includes USA, UK, CANADA, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS etc.

Anonytun pro vpn apk featured a handler menu, and this is where you will type in the free browsing settings if you have one. Let’s look on anonytun settings on android phone.

Anonytun Settings 2019

AnonyTun Pro Vpn Apk

This will be a generalized set up, just for you to understand how it goes, and afterwards you can set it up depending on your network isp settings.

First is to download and install anonytun vpn(download link below).

Launch the vpn app and then explore it a bit.

Okay what you have to do is to look up on the top right corner of your screen. You will see stealth settings and then click on it.

In order to add your own custom settings, slide on “stealth tunnel on/off. This will enable you to edit and add your own settings.

In connection protocol select http and in connection port type in 8080.

Turn on connect via parent proxy and click on edit. In proxy host, you should type your network IP and port. For example and port 8080 respectively.

Turn on custom tcp/http headers. Click edit tcp/http headers.

In URL/host, type in the URL you have. For example,,,, etc. It can also be in IP form like

In request method, select any of the drop down list. But generally, you can leave it on connect, post or head.

Injection method leave it to normal.

Don’t tick query method unless you know what you’re doing.

In extra headers, tick online host, keep alive and user agent and this click on generate. It will generate the settings you’ve made and which you have to respond by clicking on save button.

On your anonytun vpn homescreen, select your preferred region by clicking on best performance and select any country you want to browse it.

After that, the next thing to do is to click on connect button and you’re good to go.

If you get the anonytun settings it will connect within second, but if you didn’t, it won’t connect at all.

Download Anonytun pro vpn apk

This vpn app is one of the best and of you’re looking for a free vpn for your android smartphone, then you should download the vpn.

And that’s it on anonytun pro vpn apk for android, Amy issues or questions, you can use the comment box.

AnonyTun Pro vpn apk

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